Ergoline Beauty Angel Red Light Collagen Therapy Bed

Is treatment suitable for anyone?

The redlight treatment is harmless and is suitable for all skin types. People with low blood pressure or who are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy or increased light sensitivity, or are on medication that causes increased light sensitivity (e.g. some antibiotics or St. John's Wort) should, however, refrain from the treatment. For the first treatment a lower dose is recommended, to test for any adverse reaction.

How long is each treatment?
The treatment should last between 10 and 20 minutes on average. The best results are obtained from a treatment that always lasts 20 minutes. We recommend a break of 48 hours between treatments.

What is collagen?
Collagen is the most important protein in our body.  As it is collagen that determines the firmness of connective tissue, it is also called the body's "filler". Sufficient collagen content is therefore the main requirement for skin to have a firm appearance - and indeed the whole body. But collagen is also vitally important for the health of bones, tendons, joints, ligaments etc.

How can I reach my goals?
Most users report a relaxing effect and a fresher, softer skin even after just the first few treatments. For the best results it should be used regularly over a longer time period.
Depending on the reason for the treatment, various different treatment plans can be recommended:
For youthful skin with the aim of toning the skin, reducing impurities and protection from environmental factors 10 treatments may be enough. To freshen the skin and combat the first signs of skin aging about 20 treatments should be applied over two months. For more mature skin, and to actively combat skin aging and wrinkles, about 30 treatments over three months are recommended.
Of course treatment plans may vary in individual cases. Results can be further improved by the additional use of top quality skincare products. Ideally you should support your treatment by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you get enough sleep, cut out smoking, eat a balanced diet and drink at least two litres of water per day. You will see - your body and skin will thank you for it!

 Proven Benefits of Red Light Therapy

  • Increased Immunity and Reduced Side Effects of Cancer Treatments.

  • Faster Wound Healing and Tissue Repair.

  • Anti-Aging Effects for Skin and Hair Loss.

  • Improved Joint and Musculoskeletal Health

  • Improves Eczema and Psoriasis

  • Reduced Depression and Fatigue

  • Helps Acne Healing

Treatment costs £16 for 20 minutes or 2 month course for £200  After Treatment price only £10 

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