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Acne is a common skin condition that frequently affects teenagers and young adults of both sexes.  However adults of all ages are freqeuntly affected and troubled by congested skin, blocked pores and skin blemishes.You don't have to let acne spoil your life.  Smoove Operator skin centre offers a range of succesful acne treatments to leave your skin clear, smooth and blemish free.


What causes Acne?


The presence of acne is often influenced by the following factors


Influence 1 Hormones


For the majority of acne suffererrs, outbreaks begin at puberty when the body starts to produce hormones called androgens.  these hormones cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and for acne sufferers they become over stimulated. Androgens are also responsible for flare ups due to menstrual cycle and also sometimes pregnancy.


Influence 2 Oily Skin


When the sebaceous glands are affected by androgens they produce excess sebum (oil). Sebum mixes with common skin bacteria and dead skin cells that have been shed from the lining of the follicle.  While this process is normal, excess sebum can incresase the chance of the follicle becoming clogged and acne can develop.  Stress also increase sebum production and can increase the severity of acne.


Influence 3 Bacteria


The bacteria Propionbacterium acnes (P acnes for short) is present in all skins and is part of the skins natural maintenance system. However once a follicle is plugged P acnes multiply rapidly resulting in inflammation of the follicle and surrounding skin.


Influence 4 Inflammation


When you are exposed to unwanted bacteria your immune system sends in an army of white blood cells to attack.  This is why pimples can be red swollen and painful.  Fortunately for you there are options!  There are many types of acne treatments available.  Like you acne is highly individual and response to treatment varies from person to peson.  We offer an extensive range of acne treatments and will advise on the most suitable procedure for you and your skin.




How many treatments are necessary?



The number of treatments needed varies from person to person, but typically 6 intensed pulsed light and 6 re-surfacing skin peels is normally sufficient for significant improvement, 

The Luminette Advance System is from Lynton Lasers who have been manufacturing lasers and IPLs for over 20 years and their knowledge and expertise has been passed onto us.

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