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Sun spots, liver spots, freckles and other unwanted pigmentation are often a result of skin ageing and over exposure to sun or sunbeds. From the age of 40 the skin is less able to regenerate from damage caused by sun exposure and pigmentation marks start to appear. Generaly these age spots pose no health risk, however they can be unsightly and creat a patchy less youthful appearance. Freckles and age spots are sucessfuly removed or lightened with IPL.




Not all pigmetation concerns are a result of sun exposure and some people may be born with pigmented birth marks or may have melasma, a pigmented skin condition associated  with hormones.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) skin rejuvenation is a relatively quick and easy procedure


Sun spots and freckles can be removed or lightened in as little as one to three sessions.  The light targets areas of excess pigment safely breaking down the excess melanin.




How does IPL work?


The Intense Pulse Light System releases short pulses of filtered light that is readily absorbed by the excess melanin found in hogh conentration in freckles, sun spots or liver spots.


What does treatment feel like?


Treatment is mildly uncomfortable and a warm tingling sensation  not ulike sunburn is experienced afterwards.


What does skin look like after treatment?


The skin may appear red and the pigmentation will darken and may appear more obvious before they fade away in a few days












    Treatment is suitable for you if :-




  • You want a more even skin tone

  • You want to reduce areas of excess freckling

  • You want to target specific age spots






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