Laser Skin Rejuvenation




As skin ages the tone and texture changes.  IPL  and Laser can restore youthful skin by removing uneven pigmentation, thread veins, freckles and sun spots. It will also smooth uneven skin texture by stimulating collagen production.

Combine with Glycolic Skin Peels and Dermal Roller and your skin will be at its best!



Suitable for Skin Types 1-4 ie not darker skin tones or tanned skin. Sun/ Sun beds must be avoided for 2 weeks after treatments


Treatments carried out at 2 week intervals. Course of 6 recomended for best results.  Tightening of the skin increases ove following months as new collagen is formed. The more treatments you have the better the results. After a course of 6 a top of may be required once or twice a year according to severity of sun damage.


Sun spots and freckles can be removed or lightened in as little as one to three sessions.  The light targets areas of excess pigment safely breaking down the excess melanin.





A patch test will be required 48 hours before treatment


Results are a firmer more radiant skin with more even skin tone and enlarged pores reduced.

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