Thermolipo Radio Frequency

Face     £75 per treatment  

Indicated for :-

Lax skin

Fine to medium lines and wrinkles

Rejuvenation of dull, dry skin

Suitable for face, neck and chest.

Gentle heating of the skin initiates collagen production (increased fibroblast activity) and causes fibres to contract creating a tightening effect on the skin whilst smoothing wrinkles.

An instant tightening occurs (good for a night out) . However the true firming effect occurs several weeks later when the collagen and elastin have been generated.


Face and neck typically requires 8-10 sessions

Treatments carried out every  7-14  days

Can be combined / enhanced with other treatments such as Skin peels, Microdermabrasion or  IPL rejuvenation

Body   £75  per treatment courses of 6 20%off

Indicated for


Localised areas of fat

Lax skin on the body

Suitable for ;-

Arms, Abdomen, Inner thighs, Knees, Buttocks , Backs of thighs, Sides of Thighs

Not suitable for large areas of fat 

Results are:-

Reduction in areas due to increased lymphatic drainage and decrease of adipose fluid and toxins  (emptying ogf the fat cells)

Reduction in orange peel effect due to improved circulation and increased nutrition to the skin

Tighter ,firmer skin due to fibroblasts producing new collagen at an accelerated pace (Collagenesis)

Cellulite and localised fat typically requires 8-12 sessions

Treatments carried out every 4-5 days

Courses  of 6  20% off

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